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5 Social Media Myths You Could Be Buying Into

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you’ll know that social media isn’t going away. Whatever you think of it, it’s only going to play a bigger role in people’s lives. If you’re fearful of using it for business, or you’re not achieving the results you want to achieve, you may well have brought into some of the myths surrounding it. We’ve dealt with some of the most ones to give you a bit more confidence in this area.



1) You’ve got to try every channel

If you’ve done your branding well, you’ll have identified your audience, with its unique characteristics. That includes the places they spend their time at, both physically and online. Very few people split their time between all of the social media platforms. They just gravitate to the ones that best suit their tastes, interests and goals. Your job is to find out where they are and meet them there.

2) It’s all about the numbers, followers and likes

Numbers are important. They are what get you the initial stage- brand awareness. That’s a start. But these are only the first half of the story. The next stage is engagement and connection. If you aren’t reaching out to the leads you have generated, this data will just be vanity metrics.

3) You’ve got to post every day

Posting consistently is important. The algorithms are designed to encourage regular posting.

But not when it comes to mediocre posts that were clearly made for the sake of posting. Twice weekly well thought out posts will bring your audience more value than poor content posted every day.

4) You can ignore all negative customers

It might not be pleasant to face up to the negative comments. But the fact is, they won’t go away just because you ignore them. In fact, the longer you ignore them, the more time these comments have to fester and sprout more negative engagement. A bad comment that’s dealt with quickly and well can stop the trouble before it starts. It will also show that your company cares about it’s customers’ concerns.

5) You can post the same content on all social media platforms

That might save you time in the short run. But in reality, it would be like talking to a group of plumbers about a new piece of medical equipment you invented. Each platform is made for a different purpose and audience. Linkedin is primarily for business. Instagram is great for anything visual. And twitter is for anyone who doesn’t have the time to read more than a couple of lines. Depending on where you are, you have to modify the conversation accordingly.


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