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5 Website Copy Tips

Words are a vital part of your branding when gaining a client’s trust. But getting your copy right isn’t simple. Which is why we present a few tips that will hopefully help you with the process.



1) Keep the jargon words out

You might know some of the fancy terms used in your industry. But your customer doesn’t. And for them, copy filled with those words may as well have been written in Chinese.

Keep to simple, everyday language that anyone outside of your industry can understand easily.

2) Keep it ‘easy on the eye’

We don’t read texts anymore. We simply scan them with our eyes.

But large blocks of text don’t make for very ‘scannable’ material. That kind of copy sends a lot of would-be customers running to your competitors.

Making your text more readable, with short paragraphs and enough white space, will help keep your ideal clients reading till the last word.

3) Keep it about the customer

When your clients read your copy, they’re not likely to care about what you do or sell. They’re main interest is what you can do for them. So rather than telling your customer about your product, tell them how it can solve a problem they face.

TIP: One way of doing that is by avoiding the word ‘I/we/my/our’ when possible and replacing it with ‘you’.

‘We serve delicious gluten free ice cream’ can be replaced with ‘are you a gluten intolerant consumer missing a decent ice cream? We’re here to cure that craving for you’.

By emphasising the word ‘you’ over ‘we’, the copy puts the spotlight on the customers, telling their story rather than yours.

4) Keep your eye on benefits rather than features

As mentioned before, readers want to know not what you have to offer, but how what you offer helps them. That’s what separates the features- what you can give, from the benefits- why it matters to them.

Back to our ice cream example. Saying that it’s sugar free isn’t enough. Instead, try mentioning that your gluten free replacements ‘allows you to enjoy the great taste of our ice cream without worrying about your teeth.

5) Keep away from cliches

There’s nothing like a worn-out phrase that’s been seen hundreds of times before to switch a reader off your content. Phrases like ‘cutting edge’ or ‘unprecedented times’ usually mean nothing to your readers by now.

Good copy keeps well away from such sayings, and so should yours. If unsure, have another pair of eyes run through it to check that it’s free of anything corny sounding.

Whilst the design is what initially attracts your clients, the copy is what educates them and convinces them. Get it right and it can bring your customers to the finish line.


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