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Colours: Why They Matter To Your Brand

Your question:

I know that I need to have some colour in my branding I don’t want it to look bland and boring. But does it really matter what colours I use? I mean, what do they do for my brand, apart from looking nice?



Our answer:

Want a proper idea of just how powerful colours are?

Take a look at these statistics:

  • Colour influences 85% of shoppers’ purchase decisions.

  • Colours increase brand awareness by 80%.

  • 93% of shoppers focus on visual appearance alone when they consider a purchase.

Colour is definitely about more than just looking pretty. They are what affect your customer’s buying decisions and keep them on board long afterwards.

What about colours makes a difference?

Colours are what conveys emotions. They invoke feelings within us. study after study has shown that what connects people to different brands is how it makes them feel.

Take, for example, the colour red. It’s first picked up by the thalamus, the first port of call for sensory stimuli.

It then gets sent to the amyglada, which translates the information it receives. In this case, it comes up with ‘lust’. That information then gets passed to the neocortex, the rational part of the brain.

In other words, colours can cause emotions to get involved into your decision making. Actually, let’s rephrase that: they do cause emotions to get involved in your decision making.

What makes emotions so powerful?

One reason is because of the memorability.

Think about it. The average person is bombarded with 6,000-10,000 ads a day. That’s a lot of information. With all of that, you’ve got to stick out in your customers’ mind.

Tugging on customers’ heartstrings, excitement strings, or other emotional strings have been proven to keep your brand in your clients’ mind.

Remember how we said that colours trigger the parts of the brain that deal with emotions? Well, it seems that those brain parts are connected to your memory too. How? Ah, that’s what scientists are trying to figure out.

So, there you have it. Colour is the medium for communicating emotion and keeps your brand into your ideal client’s world. The right colours can create the feelings that will help your brand stick around in your ideal clients’ mind long after they’re finished reading.

OK. So what are the practical steps to getting it right?

The first thing is to understand what your core values are. These are your guide for understanding the colours that will best represent your brand.

Based on that, you can go on to understanding the different moods of each colour. The two or three colours that best suit your brand become your primary colours, the most dominant colours in your branding.

Then it’s on to choosing secondary colours, tones that look similar to your primary colours.


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